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Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow

I have just finished my second week at GPEG and I have been diving head-first into the world of policy and economy; learning about numerous new terms and concepts as well as developing many skills, with research being paramount. One project has been looking at the new Anti-Discrimination Legislation Ordinance, seeing how it has changed compared to the previous draft. It is so interesting to see the actual Ordinance and understand all the intricate details and processes that go into producing legislation.

I have also been working on ways that GPEG could attract a younger audience and to get more young people interested in politics and policy. We want to hear directly from young people about what their concerns are for Guernsey’s future, in this way, GPEG can create informative publications tailor-made to the interests of the youth of Guernsey.

I would love to hear from any and all young people about what topics they believe must be addressed and that which GPEG should be focusing on and putting research into. Use my email,, to talk with another young person about the issues that GPEG should be looking at.

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