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Summer Intern 2023

We are pleased to welcome our new Intern for the Summer of 2023, Sophie Lanoe. Here's a little bit more about our newest recruit: "I am delighted to be joining GPEG on a 5 week internship, before embarking on another internship with Butterfield Bank later on this summer. I will be entering my graduation year at the University of Sussex in September, where I am studying LLB Law with International Relations. My interests academically largely concern international politics, human rights law and environmental law. I am passionate about the future of our beautiful island Guernsey, and would like to be able to contribute to the progression and explore solutions for future issues this island will face, which if left unaddressed will inevitably impact forthcoming generations.

GPEG is a valuable tool and space for generating ideas and offering solutions that anyone can contribute to, the very nature of a think tank. It is an essential non governmental organisation based on facts, that the people of Guernsey should delve into. During my time at GPEG, I would like to learn more about our system of government, in particular the future of it, as we draw closer to the 2025 election. As well as addressing the issue of environmental challenges our island will come to face with the looming climate crisis, and diminishing energy reserves on mainland Europe. I would also like to bring innovative thinking to GPEG, and promote the organisation to young people at university or in employment, who are like minded and want to be able to contribute ideas and push the boundaries."

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