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With Great Power comes no Accountability…..

States’ Trading Supervisory Board (STSB) - With great power comes no accountability; the 10 year failure of Guernsey Electricity Limited (GEL)

The rationale behind the formation of trading Companies for post, telecoms and electricity was clear; commercialisation of the entities would bring benefits to the people of Guernsey by eliminating inefficiencies whilst retaining State ownership and the financial benefits that would be returned via dividends.

A founding principle was independent regulation.

  • Since Guernsey Electricity’s formation however the reality has been very different. GPEG’s latest report has uncovered:

  • GEL resisting regulation at the detriment of its customers

  • Misinformation by GEL, telling customers that 100% of Guernsey’s electricity is from renewable sources when in fact 95% is nuclear

  • GEL failing to meet the Energy Policy targets set

  • Anti-competitive behaviour by GEL

These failings by GEL are failing the people of Guernsey.

Read the full report here Become a GPEG member here

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