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Update from our Intern

This week I have had a few meetings with the directors, talking about upcoming projects and topics of interest for GPEG; getting more of an insight into the planning and preparation that goes into the events and many reports that the organisation put together. As well as this, I had the opportunity to see the media and marketing side of these processes during my visit to the Buzz Creative Studio office. I learnt all about the scheduling and graphic design processes that go into organising GPEG’s social media and frequent posts.

As my own project, I am thinking about researching for a paper of my own and have recently started to read the Guernsey Community Foundation’s report on Homelessness in Guernsey and I am finding it intriguing how such big issues, such as that of homeslessness, go largely unnoticed by most on the island. It is bringing light to such an important issue and is inspiring me for research of my own.

This week I am also set to do research for a paper on the machinery of government in Guernsey as well as looking into how Guernsey should best increase the States revenue in order to gain the extra £75 million that the States needs in order to cope with the demands of the ageing demographic on the island. If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, please do get in touch at - let me know what you think I should look into!

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