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This Week's Update From Our Intern

This week, I’m on the hunt for a topic to write a small report on. I have gotten some ideas from both the public and the directors, from which I have learnt quite a bit! I would be interested to hear any more suggestions.

I have also been doing lots of independent research into economics and politics in order to give me a broader understanding of the many concepts used during meetings and articles that I come across. This has allowed me to really get to grips with the topics GPEG looks at as well as giving me the knowledge to provide more helpful and informed ideas.

On top of this, I’ve been getting an insight into event planning with the upcoming GPEG Members lunch. As well as this, an event for GPEG to interact with young people has been in the works, so as they say, watch this space! The social media side of the organisation is also something that I’m finding very engaging; I am thoroughly enjoying writing up different posts and thinking about how best to display certain texts and images. This internship is providing me with a wide range of skills and learning opportunities, both in and outside the realm of policy and economics.

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