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Proposed anti-discrimination legislation amendments

There are a number of amendments put forward to the proposed anti-discrimination legislation which can be found on the States of Guernsey website here.

We attach all the proposed amendments here with views. We are glad to see that the amendments include several of the changes we advocated. However some big things are untouched:

- The wide definition of disability; we are all disabled!

- The costs involved to the States and generally

- The asymmetric treatment of employers and employees in this law on costs, disclosure and ability to ascertain problems

Even obvious drafting errors remain unchanged!

We previously performed a full review of the second draft of the proposed ordinace which is due to be debated by the States of Guernsey in September 2022. Read our original full report here and our detailed comments on the draft ordinance document which can be found here.

We would invite any deputies that would like to discuss the topic further to contact us on

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