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Peter Neville is retiring from the Board of GPEG

GPEG is sorry to announce that Peter Neville is retiring from the Board of GPEG.

He commented: “Providing the support the role deserves involves much more time than I expected being tied to a desk, researching, writing and checking papers. This has been very uncomfortable as a result of my recurring back problems and it has drawn me away from my other, charitable involvements. I have therefore concluded that I must step down.

“Working with GPEG has been both interesting and rewarding and I wish GPEG every success in their efforts to improve Guernsey’s political and economic landscape.“ Lord Digby Jones, Chairman of the Guernsey Politics & Economics Group, said:-

“It is always sad when someone of Peter’s undoubted ability & reputation leaves. On a personal level I shall miss him as an excellent colleague & someone on whom I could rely to bring experience & gravitas to our work. I am so pleased he will be helping us from time to time with advice here & there.”

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