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Latest Thoughts From Our Intern

In the lead up to the last week of my internship, I have been up to a large variety of projects! I started it off with a trip to the Buzz Creative Studio office in order to record the audio for an upcoming video on the Anti-Discrimination Legislation. I definitely didn't expect this to be a task on my to-do list when I started at GPEG but it has been such a varied experience, really making me aware of the many different aspects that make up a think-tank.

I was able to sit in on a meeting with the directors, compiling GPEG’s thoughts on the Prevention of Discrimination Ordinance being submitted to the States, finalising our report on the matter which was published shortly after. Through this process, I was able to see the different stages of drafting, reviewing, editing, and publishing a report, which is both easier and quicker said than done!

Currently, I am drafting up a small report of my own on the housing crisis in Guernsey and thus I have been finding out a good deal about the ever evolving and intensifying problem, through my research. I look forward to the feedback I will receive for my write-up from both the board directors and the public; it would be a great learning opportunity to hear any thoughts or suggestions that may come up after reading my report so feel free to email and let me know what you think.

This internship has been a wonderful experience of the world of policy and economy in Guernsey. It has definitely given me an insight into a different perspective of island politics that I haven't been able to see before. The last eight weeks have provided me with great foundational knowledge for my time at university, especially in regard to researching, and I am thoroughly excited to learn more about politics, with its many different approaches and theories. I hope to continue to be connected to Guernsey’s politics and to perhaps one day be part of it, whether it be member of a think-tank, charity, or even the States!

I am very grateful to GPEG for the time, wisdom, and feedback that they have given me; my time with them has been an invaluable experience.

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