Vision & Strategy
Seeking opportunity for all

Vision (i.e. what is our raison d’etre?)

Our vision is for Guernsey to prosper for the benefit of all.  In this context, we see the need for an efficient government, with effective decision making, based on facts and considered research, which takes account of all stakeholders.


Mission (i.e. what are we ultimately trying to achieve?)

GPEG will be a non-political, independent think tank committed to objective analysis of Guernsey projects, problems and opportunities.  It will be a key source of reliable information and good ideas to benefit Guernsey society.  Our mission is to help Guernsey build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just society.


We will work with politicians, the civil service, business, members of the community and external sources to produce independent, circumspect, objective research and analysis to fill the ‘information gap’ which would otherwise exist.  Our purpose is to:

  • Enable Government to make  informed decisions; and

  • Assist the public in understanding the key issues through discussion and provision of a clearer, more ‘available’ information base,


Delivering the mission

GPEG will act as a research driven, information sharing, body with no allegiance to the government or to any political body or persons.  We will deliver our mission through:     


  • Dialogue: Engaging civic and civil services society in open debates and private discussions on the major issues in Guernsey and world politics.

  • Research: Rigorous analysis of island-specific challenges and opportunities.

  • Leadership: Assisting in deepening knowledge of the critical political issues enhancing analytical and problem-solving skills. 

  • Agree a Business Plan.



Implementation & Tactics (i.e. how are we going to achieve the vision and mission?)


  • Prioritise areas for research, based on outcome of engagement with stakeholders and government

  • Gather and focus people around their common skill sets to research plans and priorities

  • Perform gap analysis to determine where there is a lack of data or data is not up to date

  • Produce research papers, surfacing data sets and information, highlight where data is missing

  • Promote and demonstrate open and collaborative working


Initial areas of focus


  1. The Guernsey economy including demographic change,  fiscal & tax policy and economic recovery post COVID

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Education & skills

  4. Tourism & hospitality

  5. Sustainability